auto fish feeder

hello people of earth

For a school project I’m trying to build a automatic ¬†fish feeder, out of a Lego robot I got for Christmas a while ago (the Mindstorms NXT 2.0). I don’t have a design yet and I still have to figure out the programming software. I think I have the basic concept for it. For those of you that played with Lego earlier in life or still do, remember those rods ¬†that had the circular holes in them for putting pegs and axles in. I’ll probably use those to hold the fish food put something under it to keep it from falling out and every day the rod holding the food will move a bit letting some of the food fall in while saving the rest for the next day. this should be relatively easy to make but the real challenge will be the programming, even thought the programming is designed to be as simple as possible due to Lego’s main audience is children its a matter of finding it. my copy of the soft ware is lost and i have searched for it online to no avail but I believe I can find it if I look hard enough