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“The Paprika Hendl”

My choice for my iSearch blog post was something in the first chapter of Dracula. The mention of what Jonathan Harker ate for dinner during his opening days of travel. He describes his supper as “a chicken, done up in some way with red pepper, which was very good, but thirsty.” I assume that last comment infers that the chicken was incredibly spicy. This interested me because it had no apparent purpose at the time until I realised, it added that extra bit of realism to the story. It even goes to the point of John making a memo in his journal, writing, “must get recipe for Mina” and then he asked the waiter for the name, getting “Paprika Hendl” as an answer. This make me believe that Bram Stoker cared about this project and wanted to make it as good as it could get by including as many detailed explanations and scenes as possible . This detail, this tiny little detail, caught my eye because I though it was unnecessary filler that happened to be sort of interesting, then I realised that it was much more. As a reader, it adds an extra layer of realism to a book already on the verge of bursting with detail. In later chapters he goes on, every so often, to describe his meal, always including the name, for readers to relate to and or try.

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