Banner Game misfortune

If any of you read to post below this one you would know that my hockey team had a banner game last Sunday

I broke my ankle on the first thirty seconds of my first shift… bummer

So no banner game for me and I’m in a cast for six weeks, we also lost the game so no banner for my team either

on the bright side thought I will be going to my teams tournament which will be fun to watch even though I can’t play

Banner game Sunday

as some of you may know I play hockey regularly and if any of you are playing hockey at the bantam level now, you would know that the playoffs are happening

me and my team have been working hard throughout the playoffs  and have landed ourselves in first place of our tier

so this Sunday we will be playing in the banner game for the championship

if we win we will have our names on a banner at the arena

digital media

today we did some more stuff on copyright

we talked to a guy named Alec Couros about copyright and other things as well as answered some questions about how we would set up our own copyrights

it was a interesting class


ahem anyway. Good class and all together educational