copyright. Goldieblox VS the beastly boys VS YouTube

there are many type’s of copyright and they are all very important

This add by goldiebloxs had to have its soundtrack completely reworked because the original used a beastly boys song that they didn’t have a licence for

but this guy has over twenty songs in a mash-up on YouTube and hasn’t received a single threat. Why

it all seems to revolve around the fact that the bottom guy said in the description of his video that he didn’t own any of the music in his video

so even though it was implied that goldieblox did not own the beastly boys song they got sued for copyright and lost and the person who made the mash-up of video didn’t and the only difference was that the guy on YouTube had the sense to give credit and and the people at the big corporate companies didn’t

so here’s what the message is: give credit and you won’t get sued (you may still get sued but I did warn you didn’t I. it is someone else’s property is it not)

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