Cyber bullying questions

Are we model NETizens


Who do you want to be online?

I want to be able to be myself.  It’s hard with all the rules about not giving away personal information


What is a digital footprint and how can you control yours

A digital footprint is like a real footprint on the moon. It’s what you leave in your wake when you blog or post videos and it’s eternal. The elements will not ravage it as they would a real footprint and if you look hard enough you can see them forever


What recent embarrassing story of a celebrity has developed?

There is the story about Rob Ford doing cocaine while in office as mayor of Toronto. One picture of him which was found online has ruined him. He has been stripped of most of his power and the only reason he is still mayor is political stuff


What are some strategies that you use to stay safe online.

I avoid giving away personal information to even my most trusted friends. Who knows where it will end up


Which categories of people are more vulnerable online that others and why.

Young kids are very vulnerable because they don’t know the do’s and don’ts of the internet. They may accidentally give away personal information that could put themselves or others in danger.


Are offline and online risks any different and why

I think there isn’t a huge difference between them. We have “stranger danger” and things like that. we also have many other rules that are very similar to real life. Don`t share personal information, You wouldn`t just paint on the front of you house `your name here` lives here.


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