Hello internet

My inquiry is I am going to build an automatic fish feeder for my schools fish.

Here is the design which I am using as a reference for my build. (DISCLAIMER. I don’t own this design. All credit for the design goes to the creator).

it is a very interesting build. if your going away for the weekend and you don’t want to bother your friends or hire someone to feed your fish. Just turn this thing on, set the timer and away you go. Nothing to worry about.


Also this week

I did my Ihub reads presentation this week. My book was Eragon by Christopher Poalini. If anyone reading this has read the book they know what I mean when I say its one of my favourite fantasy novels of all time.

Its an amazing book with a top notch plot and a cast of characters unrivalled in the books I have read. if you haven’t read this book and you like fantasy as much as I do. Drop everything and go get this book now. its very very good

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