Thinking of starting a channel

lately I’ve been think of starting a YouTube channel

I’m thinking of doing some funny/review videos for no real particular reason other than maybe to have some fun with the games and maybe seeing how hard it is to get noticed on YouTube.

I have some concerns thought a few being that if I do get popular. People will expect one or two videos a week at the least and that leads me to one of my other concerns. Time is already a huge problem for me. I have to balance hockey, homework, and everyday life and if I was to start doing videos that may leave me with no free time at all. I heard from one of my favourite YouTubers recently that he hadn’t taken a vacation from his videos in over two years because of the deadlines and for a guy who has been to Florida 15 times in the last 14 years that’s pretty scary.

In conclusion I think I might start doing videos but in the first video and every so often in the description I’ll make a quick disclaimer saying that I do have a life and I might miss a few videos every once in a while because of it.



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