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Eragon by Christopher Paolini


Could you be friends with a protagonist of your book ?


There are two answers to that question. The first is the most obvious.

No he is fictional and therefore not a real person. fake people (sadly) cannot be friends.

The other is yes because we share many interests like reading and swordplay (albeit we like swordplay for very different reasons his swordplay keeps him alive and i enjoy swordplay because it fun). Although there are many differences between us besides the obvious dragon rider title, he a very powerful magician and all i can do is make money disappear ( by spending it). He has more responsibility’s than I care to count. So I doubt he would have much time to “hang out” so maybe the answer is just flat out no (again sadly).  

 However if we are basing this solely on personality, likes and dislikes. I have a feeling that in the four book span I have know him we would get along well enough seeing as though he is somewhat sarcastic at times, deadly serious or caring at others. And that accompanied by our shared likes leads us to my thesis statement 

So yes I think we could be friends.