Chapter Seven of Dracula

This blog post contains major spoilers for the seventh chapter of the Gothic novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. Do not read this if you plan on reading the book and do not want it spoiled for you.

In the seventh chapter of Bram Stoker’s famous Gothic novel, we follow Jonathan Harker`s fiancée Mina. The chapter begins with a newspaper clipping`s description of a great storm that hit on August 8th, which Mina has taken from the paper and pasted into her journal. As the storm worsens, Townsfolk from the coastal village gather and comment on how strangely a boat in the distance is being piloted. Everyone starts worrying that the ship is going to crash and sink. Somehow the ship manages to get to the beach and as the ship hits the shore, a large dog leaps out and runs off. The townspeople discover that the pilot is in fact dead and was simply tied to the wheel of the ship, bouncing and lolling back and forth with the waves. Mina later finds out that the ship is from a town called Varna, that its cargo contains only crates of dirt, and that nobody ever found the strange dog that leapt from the boat.

The chapter then cuts to Mina`s copy of the captain’s log, which was written before the captain aboard the ship died. The captain’s log states that the voyage starts out fine but at some point during the voyage the crew start disappearing, until its only the captain and the first mate left. Soon after, the first mate apparently goes bonkers, having hallucinations and screaming about how he`s going to kill “It”. The captain assumes he has gone insane due to the loss of his friends and shipmates. The first mate eventually jumps ship and drowns himself. The captain is left on the boat alone, or is he? He then ties himself to the wheel to keep him from falling down, seeing as though a massive storm is coming, and he keeps a sprig of rosemary in his hand to ward off “It”; and there, the captain log ends.

Mina states that the captain will be given a hero`s burial because he stayed at the wheel of his ship until he died. She makes plans to go to the funeral. Lucy, who is Mina’s best friend, has once again been “sleepwalking”, getting up twice in the middle of the night, and having Mina put her back to bed both times. The old man who had befriended Lucy and Mina earlier in their visit is found dead with a broken neck up on a hill above the town. After this is uncovered, Lucy and Mina go to both the funerals of the old man and the sea captain.

iSearch Blog Post

“The Paprika Hendl”

My choice for my iSearch blog post was something in the first chapter of Dracula. The mention of what Jonathan Harker ate for dinner during his opening days of travel. He describes his supper as “a chicken, done up in some way with red pepper, which was very good, but thirsty.” I assume that last comment infers that the chicken was incredibly spicy. This interested me because it had no apparent purpose at the time until I realised, it added that extra bit of realism to the story. It even goes to the point of John making a memo in his journal, writing, “must get recipe for Mina” and then he asked the waiter for the name, getting “Paprika Hendl” as an answer. This make me believe that Bram Stoker cared about this project and wanted to make it as good as it could get by including as many detailed explanations and scenes as possible . This detail, this tiny little detail, caught my eye because I though it was unnecessary filler that happened to be sort of interesting, then I realised that it was much more. As a reader, it adds an extra layer of realism to a book already on the verge of bursting with detail. In later chapters he goes on, every so often, to describe his meal, always including the name, for readers to relate to and or try.

these are the scores that i got for the workbooks in my French class

Reflection de untité 1      314/370    84%       B

La plupart des erreurs que j’ai commis étais des erreurs de grammaire et des genre des mots. Ma compréhension de l’unité était pour la plupart excellente. après que j’ai fais les corrections je pense que beaucoup de questions étais la révision de mes premiers année dans l’immersion francophone. Je pense que si je fais cela avec plus de répétition ma note serait plus élevai.

Reflection de untité 2      315/364    86%       A

Je pense que mon comprehension des question etais un peut pire que la premiere unité. Je pouvais prenais plus de temps avec les question et les lisait pour meuix comprendre ce que les question voulait de moi. La grammair étais une enemie persistant. C`est une grand problem que je pense que je dois addressé l`anneé prochain. En tout la grammair est un problem et mon centre d`attention dois être sur corrigé cela.

Reflection de untité 3     198/227    87%        A

La grammaire est surtout la plus grand des problem. Les erreurs de comprehension peut-être corrigé si je lis les question avec plus d`intensité. Les images de quelque question son difficil a voir parce que il sont trop petit. Une des images veut dire qu`un homme appelle sa femme, l`evidence de cela est qu`il a dans sa main un photo de sa femme, mais on peut pas voir la photo de sa femme car il est trop petit.

Reflection de untité 4      193/232   83%        B

Les erreurs de grammaire est Presque dispparu et à leur place sont plus des erreurs de comprehension. Un example est que de les trente neuf erreurs que jai commis trente cinq etais des erreurs de comprehension. Je pense que les erreurs de compréhension de ce temps étaient dû au fait que j’étais fatigué de faire la Français et devenais négligent. Ce peut être corrige si je prends des petit repose avant de faire les autre tâches sur mon list.


So summer is coming and everyone in school is counting down the days to the end of school

for me I’m pretty excited because I’m going to Ontario to see some friends, my Grandma and my cousins so I’m sure ill have a great time with them


post in the comments what you are doing over the summer

Banner Game misfortune

If any of you read to post below this one you would know that my hockey team had a banner game last Sunday

I broke my ankle on the first thirty seconds of my first shift… bummer

So no banner game for me and I’m in a cast for six weeks, we also lost the game so no banner for my team either

on the bright side thought I will be going to my teams tournament which will be fun to watch even though I can’t play

Banner game Sunday

as some of you may know I play hockey regularly and if any of you are playing hockey at the bantam level now, you would know that the playoffs are happening

me and my team have been working hard throughout the playoffs  and have landed ourselves in first place of our tier

so this Sunday we will be playing in the banner game for the championship

if we win we will have our names on a banner at the arena

digital media

today we did some more stuff on copyright

we talked to a guy named Alec Couros about copyright and other things as well as answered some questions about how we would set up our own copyrights

it was a interesting class


ahem anyway. Good class and all together educational



copyright. Goldieblox VS the beastly boys VS YouTube

there are many type’s of copyright and they are all very important

This add by goldiebloxs had to have its soundtrack completely reworked because the original used a beastly boys song that they didn’t have a licence for

but this guy has over twenty songs in a mash-up on YouTube and hasn’t received a single threat. Why

it all seems to revolve around the fact that the bottom guy said in the description of his video that he didn’t own any of the music in his video

so even though it was implied that goldieblox did not own the beastly boys song they got sued for copyright and lost and the person who made the mash-up of video didn’t and the only difference was that the guy on YouTube had the sense to give credit and and the people at the big corporate companies didn’t

so here’s what the message is: give credit and you won’t get sued (you may still get sued but I did warn you didn’t I. it is someone else’s property is it not)